Cara VI (Mirror) Print


Brand new print edition available of Cara VI (Mirror)


The British actor and model Cara Delevingne is the subject of Jonathan Yeo’s newest series of works concerned with image making and performed identity. Delevingne provides Yeo with the perfect subject to explore the transition from traditional to contemporary portrait making, which Yeo sees as an integral part of modern life with the rise of social media.  The face on each print has been varnished by hand, which further illuminates the complex tonalities of the painted portrait in print form.  The painting was photographed with a Hasselblad HD5 50 mega pixel camera. The printing was done on Epson printers using Epson archival pigment inks with constant attention to any colour and texture discrepancies. Each print has been hand finished by varnishing in different parts of the image. Published in 2016. Available to buy here from Manifold Editions.

Ruben Cooke