Jonathan Yeo



'Blue Period' at Lazarides Gallery, London

6th June 2008 - 11th july 2008


Following the success of his Bush collage, which went viral after being displayed in the window of Lazarides Soho gallery, Yeo went on to create a whole series of works which continued using porn magazines to create collages that play with perception. On first glance these demure looking nudes and portraits of public figures appear straightforward enough, but on closer inspection the images reveal themselves to be constructed out of snippets of top shelf material, carefully crafted so that genitals become facial features and pubic hair provides shading. 

Financial Times

Francesca Gavin 

‘I’ve always been intrigued by collage and how I would one day incorporate it into my style of painting. Inspired by my feelings towards the warped moralities behind George Bush’s policies, I decided that it was time to turn my frustration into action. I set about creating a new approach that was deceptive, yet traditional, and multi-layered in every sense.’

Jonathan Yeo, 2008