Jonathan Yeo




24th january 2014 - 5th november 2014

Curated by artist Keith Coventry after suggested presenting and curating, together with Helen A Pritchard, an exhibition of works on paper by some of his artist friends from the UK. The show contained work by many of the important YBAs, as well as younger artists from the current generation, including three Turner Prize winners and many well-publicized and controversial Turner Prize nominees. A spirit of generosity from the curators and the participating artists underpins this exhibition that explores the often overlooked qualities of art produced on paper. 

PAPER featured:

James Birch, Mat Collishaw, Nigel Cooke, Keith Coventry, Gabriella Daris, Tracey Emin, Simon English, Barnaby Hosking, Henry Hudson, Bridget Hugo Ricca Kawai Kalderon, Michael Landy, Richard Long, Jason Martin, Paul Noble, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Helen A Pritchard, Simon Popper, Barry Reigate, Sophy Rickett, Liam Ryan, Jemima Stehli, Gavin Turk, Keith Tyson, Mark Wallinger, Greville Worthington and Jonathan Yeo.


SMAC Gallery