Jonathan Yeo

sotheby's s|2 gallery

Neo-Plane Exchange II.jpg

The Nude in the XXth and XXIst Century - S|2 GALLERY - London 2015-16

Sotheby's S|2 London Gallery's highly acclaimed group show on the subject of the nude included Neo Plane Exchange II, 2012, from Jonathan Yeo's Surgery Series.  

Curated by Jane Neal, 'The Nude in the XXth and the XXIst Century' brought together work from artists including Lucian Freud, Louise Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Marlene Dumas and Martin Eder. 


 As one of the most celebrated, as well as divisive, subjects in Western art history, the artists chosen for this show revealed the way in which the representation of the nude continues to fascinate and how the body is used as a platform to explore the many issues and obsessions of modern society, such as our unhealthy idealisation of beauty, which Jonathan explores in his paintings of plastic surgery patients.  The exhibition ran from 19th November 2015 – 15th January 2016